Kieran Hodgson: 75 – ****

Kieran Hodgson in 75 at Cambridge Junction

Cambridge Junction
Saturday 23 March

Brexit may be the most decisive issue in this country right. But what we can all hopefully agree on is that Kieran Hodgson is a superb comedy talent who will one day be a household name.

Kieran’s had a run of critically-acclaimed shows at the Edinburgh Festival, tackling subjects such as his love for classical music and finding is hero, Lance Armstrong, wasn’t the man people thought he was.

For 75, Kieran moves beyond these previous highly personal shows to tackle something bigger – the UK’s exit from the EU and how it has divided a country (perfect comedy material). Although of course he puts a personal spin on it, addressing a family split on the issue that forced him to work out exactly why the UK joined the EU (or the EEC as it was then) in 1975.

It’s a bold premise for a show and it’s one that suits Kieran’s talents particularly well. A gifted impersonator and actor, he brings the UK’s political heavyweights of the 1960s and 1970s to life, helping build a context for what is complicated material for a comedy show.

His Thatcher is stern and precise, his MacMillan is pragmatic and reverential; his Wilson is relatable and pipe chewing. And his John Bercow is well worth the anachronism.

They all help build a true(ish) story of post-war Britain looking to build relationships with its European neighbours, with Kieran’s wit and charm keeping the audience engaged throughout what is essentially a one-man documentary.

The laughs come too, don’t worry, proving that despite nearly three years of a tiring, turgid and soul destroying Brexit process, there is still humour to be had – perhaps mostly down to Kieran’s unique take on things by looking at how Europe become united in the first place.

75 proves yet again that Kieran can’t really put a foot wrong in the hour-long comedy format. Here’s hoping it’s another step to the big break he deserves.  

If you like Kieran Hodgson, check out Tom Neenan in It’s Always Infinity coming to the Cambridge Junction on Sunday 21 April


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