Jamie and Byron: Village Idiot / Quadriplegia


After years spent on the circuit, Byron’s show – “Village Idiot” is a quick-witted comedy about Byron’s 20-something observational journey through his exploration of identity and belonging. After Byron’s debut sell-out show “Tomorrow you said yesterday”, he’s back and moaning about the miscellaneous trappings of being defined by generational ideals. Disagreeing with popular culture on the basis that it’s bollocks.  

After moving back to his roots of a sleepy Cambridgeshire village after the pandemic, Byron has realised that village people are uniquely friendly and uniquely unhinged.   

You will be taken on a voyage of moderate discovery to understand the true village life. Told hilarious tales of local eccentric village legends.   

Jamie started doing stand-up sitdown comedy in 2011 so 2021 means he’s been doing stand up for 10 years and he still hasn’t stood up for a gig not once as in previous shows, Jamie will give you a window into his life as a disabled person and as a dark sense of humoured individual. Jamie has now settled down with his girlfriend and miraculously calls himself a stepdad. Despite making jokes for many years about not being able to have his own arse.

As with all disabilities, there are common misconceptions about people in wheelchairs for example going to the cinema with his girlfriend is somewhat of a dilemma for Jamie as he wants his girlfriend to be his girlfriend but cannot pass up the opportunity of a two-for-one ticket, if he’s girlfriend is classed as his carer. After many pitfalls in the dating game Jamie is finally found someone that wants to be his life partner not Carer as many people mistaking her for. Being in this relationship has made Jamie have to grow up kicking and screaming mind. He now lives in his own place with a cat and various carers not to be mistaken for girlfriends. Join Jamie on this journey of discovery and find out whether the boy becomes a man. 

This show is free to attend but please book to help us manage demand. A bucket collection will be taken at the end of the show with all proceeds going to the performer.

Please note, the show will start at the time listed and will last around 50 minutes. Latecomers may not be admitted.

Saturday 23 April
Free with donation

Ticket link

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