Ben Alborough: Absolute Monopoly

Ben Alborough

Monopoly is a terrible game. No-one has ever won a game of Monopoly. It ruins friendships and destroys families.

Join comedian Benjamin Alborough as he attempts to improve it, with YOUR help. Improving Monopoly has been Benjamin’s life goal and he’s on the cusp of realising it. Help push him over the edge.

This interactive multimedia extravaganza will see the audience join Benjamin in updating the game for the modern neoliberal world – let’s make a game that’s more competitive, more aggressive and will destroy even more families. And then play it.

Think Jail is a bit old hat? Nuke it. Mayfair is wrongly priced? Demolish it. Anything goes.

Love or hate capitalism, this show is for you. Absolute Monopoly is Monopoly with power steering and no breaks.

This show is free to attend but please book to help us manage demand. A bucket collection will be taken at the end of the show with all proceeds going to the performer.

Please note, the show will start at the time listed and will last around 50 minutes. Latecomers may not be admitted.

Saturday 23 April
Blue Moon
Free with donation

Ticket link

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